Our Partners Who Assist MSSA

Thank you to Hotel Meaw for their most generous donation of food parcels early 2020 which were distributed to our indigents and others who are most in need.

RSA Aluminium and Glass donated food parcels early 2020 which were distributed to the needy in the south of Johannesburg. 

Roche Products has been a major sponsor for some of our support, fundraising and awareness endeavours. Significant funding has recently been provided by Roche for mobility aids for deserving people with MS, food parcels for distribution to the needy during the stringent lockdown period and support group funding..  

Sanofi Genzyme has contributed to the funding of the MSSA Indigent Care Programme and support groups. This funding helps MSSA to ensure that our indigents continue to receive support to enable them to manage their daily lives better. 

Werksmans Attorneys provides MSSA with advice and guidance on matters that require legal review. 

Webber Wentzel Attorneys who provides MSSA with legal advice and guidance on matters that require legal review and intervention. 

Has provided awareness collateral brochures to help MSSA spread the word about Multiple Sclerosis


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